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        Programme on the Anthropology and Visual Anthropology of Africans in Iran          (1830-1930)


    Association Mémoire de l’Outre-Mer

    Espace Culturel Louis DELEGRÈS

          Nantes, France


  • Wednesday 4th March 2015 - Presentation of the Program.

  • Tuesday 10 March 2015- Did African slavery exist in Qajar Iran? History, research problems and ambiguities.

  • Tuesday 17 March 2015 - Visual representations of African slaves in Qajar photography (1830-1930).

  • Tuesday 31 March 2015 - Blacks in present-day Iran.

Followed by the screening of the ethnographic film “Blacks of Iran” by Farhad Varahram (57 mins, 2014).

  • Photo Exhibition (28 April-18 May 2015)

Lost Pearls of Persia: visual representations of African slaves in Qajar photography (1830-1930)

Organiser and curator (Dr.P.Khosronejad)


Espace Culturel Louis Delgrès

89, Quai de la Fosse
44000 Nantes

Tél : 02 40 71 76 57





With special thanks to :

A. Najmabadi, Sh. Ghadiriyan, M. Farhad, F. Diba, E. Seibel, L. Zandi, M. Farasati, S. Asili, H. Chehabi, A.Ghasemkhan,

T. Vielle, V. MartinN .Mozaffari, A. Lee, A. Stepanian.


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