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Power as a Cultural System (2023)

Anthropology, Islam and Material Culture

Anthropology of Post-revolutionary Iran

Anthropology of Visual Propaganda: Iran-US relations since the 1979 Iranian Revolution

Anthropological   Visions   of   Contemporary   Iran:   Religious Material Culture and Cultural Politics in Post-revolutionary Iran

Contemporary Iran, Interdisciplinary approach: Anthropology, History & Religion

Digital Ethnography

Introduction to the Anthropology of Iran

Introduction to Contemporary Iran and the Persian Gulf: Literature, Visual Material, Media and Communication Resources

Islam and cyber devotion

Key Issues in Social Anthropology: Death and Revitalization Rituals

Media and Visual Anthropology of the Anthropocene: Oil and Reading the Soul of Things

Photography and Anthropology 

Shi’ism   in   the   United   States

Shite Islam and Sufism through Persian Material Culture

The Material Culture and Mortuary Landscape of Islamic Iran

Visuality and Materiality of War and Memory: the case study of the Iran-Iraq War (1980-88)



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