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What Falls from View was the name of the installation by Sangeeta Sandrasegar, which I acquired from Niagara Galleries in Melbourne for the Powerhouse Museum’s collection on the occasion of the Charkha and Kargha exhibition. Made of ten Khadi and silk textiles hand-dyed by the artist in Indian indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) and Australian native cherry (Exocarpos cuppressiformis), “What Falls from View” was installed beautifully in the exhibition with the direct collaboration and consultation of the curator and the artist. Expanding upon concepts of what is seen and unseen and designed to perform with light and shadow, the installation immersed the viewer in a transient space where boundaries are shifted and the internal and external are intertwined.

Artist: Sangeeta Sandrasegar

Title: What falls from view
Year: 2019
Dimensions: each approximately 520 x 90cm
Medium: hand-dyed khadi and silk, in Indian Indigo and Australian Native Cherry

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